Minecraft modder adds wiggling toes to every mod, and I feel sick

minecraft modder adds wiggling toes to every mod and i feel sick
Credit: fingees_YT (YouTube)/Mojang

minecraft modder adds wiggling toes to every mod and i feel sick
Credit: fingees_YT (YouTube)/Mojang

Minecraft modders continue to change the game in ways no one thought possible. One popular user has decided to give all of the living creatures in the game wiggly toes for no reason.

On TikTok and YouTube, fingees_YT revealed that he modded the game so all of the creatures can make their toes wiggle. It’s not just the various human characters as even cows can make their toes wiggle, which is just disturbing.

Weirdly enough, the wiggly toes aren’t just for show; they have gameplay purposes. The modder reveals that these wiggly toes can actually carry items, meaning players can now carry four weapons at once.

Fans of Minecraft probably aren’t surprised by this since modders have been going crazy with the game. This particular modder, fingees_YT, takes things to a whole new level and fans can see what else they’ve made on their YouTube channel.

Prior to the wiggly toes, players can see how the modder gave every creature detailed feet. It’s not all weird foot stuff, thankfully, as the content creator also made a unique nuke and uranium mod. This changed the game quite a bit, letting players become mutants and grow faces on their stomachs.

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Minecraft is still one of the most popular games in this era, despite stiff competition from Fortnite. Curious players can pick the game up on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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