British millionaire William Sachiti buys ex-military base to hunt UFOs himself

A British millionaire has decided to embrace his dream of hunting down UFOs by purchasing an old RAF base.

Many millionaires like to use their vast wealth to invest in stocks or by sports cars. For William Sachiti hunting down UFOs is just what he needs to do.

William Sachiti: UFO Hunter

British entrepreneur William Sachiti purchased a 250,000 square air force base in order to test his “spaceship alien-looking” autonomous vehicles. Sachiti also bought a 25-foot tall radar, originally used to find missing, to find even more UFOs.

The millionaire explained that he is determined to find life in outer space. While major militaries seemingly give up on finding life amongst the stars, Sachiti is not giving up at all.

The former RAF base went on sale back in 2010 for £4million, though Sachiti didn’t disclose how much he spent on the property. Thus far, Sachiti hasn’t reported on any successful UFO hunting but we’re sure the millionaire has plans to announce when (or if) he actually finds one or two. Good luck to him.

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Why is he hunting UFOs?

Speaking with The Daily Mail, William Sachiti said he’s using this former RAF base to hunt down UFOs because Reddit told him to. Apparently, Sachiti polled Reddit on what he should do with the base and they told him to hunt down aliens. Due to the nature of people on the internet, Sachiti was told to hunt down aliens and it looks like he’s committed to doing so.

“If people want to hunt UFOS, I guess it is hunting UFOs,” says Sachiti.

In terms of actually finding UFOs, Sachiti is hoping that the radar system will do that. Sachiti said that the radar could take about two years before it starts working and that’s not counting making it hunt down UFOs. Hopefully, he doesn’t kill the aliens right away since life beyond the stars continues to be a dream for many of us.

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