Millennials are the real gamers, study shows

Millennials are the real gamers, study shows people gaming together

According to a study from Fandom, the generation which spends more time on gaming than any other, is indeed the millennial one. Leave it to the millennials to proudly swing about the gamers banner.

According to the study, about 52% of millennials surveyed by Fandom said that in their top interest, gaming sat alone. Moreover, more than 40% of the millennial participants mentioned that they spend more than 22 hours a week gaming, as opposed to the 29% of tweens.

Many millennials are also parents, with the study showing how many parents and guardians are benefiting from gaming with their kids as a bonding exercise. More than 83% of those surveyed agree that gaming fosters leadership skills, while also teaching essential life skills.

Speaking of genres, millennials were more likely to play multiplayer games (41% of millennials surveyed), with strategy games and RPGs being close second (27 and 26 percent respectively). Other generations seemed to prefer more competitive genres and titles such as Fortnite and PUBG. Around 49% of teen respondents reported playing battle royales.

Millennials also reported that their main interest in gaming is about exploration and stimulation, as opposed to older generations which like playing a game to relax, and younger ones who like the challenge and the achievements.

Would you be surprised to learn that the study reported that millennials tend to use PCs rather than consoles? Of course you wouldn't. Clearly, the teenage audience has a much more close connection with mobile games.

Still, regardless of the generation surveyed, the study found that, over the past five years, engagement with gaming has increased overall: 45% of players are spending more time gaming than before.

While the millennials may lead as the most active gaming generation, it is undeniable that the industry is as strong and competitive as ever, attracting many kinds of different players across every generation. A true celebration of our favorite hobby and pastime.

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