Microsoft's Windows 11 release date is definitely this October

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Microsoft’s plans for Windows 11 didn't exactly go as smooth as they would've liked. With a leaked build already out in the wild, the operating system’s reveal event was a bit of a dud. Furthermore, Microsoft didn't even announce a Windows 11 release date.

However, Microsoft has been consistently teasing a Windows 11 release date. In fact, the expected release date was hinted at multiple times in the OS' reveal event last week.

Windows 11 release date is...

During the reveal of Windows 11, Microsoft explored the OS' integration of Microsoft Teams. In the OS, Microsoft Teams messages can appear in the Notification Center. Whilst showing off this feature, a message from Surface Engineer Steve Bathiche hints to an already expected October release date.

The message reads:

“Good luck today, Panos! Excited to turn it up to 11... can't wait for October!”
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Hey, man, don't be sneaky and read my messages now.

Of course, Bathiche's message could be nothing. Then again, it could be a hint at Windows 11's release date or the release of an unannounced Surface device designed for the new OS. The possibilities are endless.

Official Microsoft marketing materials

If Bathiche’s message wasn’t enough evidence, Microsoft marketing materials are pointing towards a very specific date. Official screenshots of the operating system point heavily towards an October 20th Windows 11 release date.

In multiple images, Microsoft has set the date on the new taskbar to October 20th, 2021. Only one other image has another taskbar date: October 6th. Furthermore, there's more evidence for an October release date outside of Microsoft.

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As reported by The Verge, Walmart is listing an October release date on several laptops sold at the retailer. After the OS was revealed, Walmart announced that specific devices would get a “free Upgrade to Windows October 2021 when available”.

As it stands, the official word on Windows 11 is that it will be releasing this holiday. An October date does sit firmly within that time frame. However, it would appear that Microsoft is coy in listing a solid date. That's not surprising considering the sheer number of delays we've seen over the past year and a half.

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