Microsoft’s Military HoloLens headset makes 80% of soldiers sick

Microsoft’s massive military contract has seen the big tech company create specific Microsoft HoloLens headset for United States soldiers. As it turns out, the technology is not only inefficient, but also has some uncomfortable side effects.

Previously, we reported that US soldiers were unhappy with the HoloLens technology. Test subjects explained that the uncomfortable tech glowed in the dark, making them more of a target in the midst of espionage. However, it turns out there are even more issues.

Military woes for HoloLens

A test results report by the Pentagon Test Office revealed that HoloLens tech has too many “mission-impacting physical impairments” to use in the field.

Via Bloomberg, over 80% of test subjects reported discomforting symptoms after around three hours of using the system. Furthermore, “low-light sensors, display clarity, field of view and low reliability of some important functions” require improvements.

After using the system, subjects experienced headaches, eyestrain, nausea and more physical ailments. The customised version of the headset would leave sick after just a few hours of using the technology.

Over 80% of test subjects reported the symptoms after tests earlier this year. Furthermore, acceptance of the technology by human users is low; many feel the tech doesn’t “contribute to their ability to complete their mission”.

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Further Tinkering

Despite rough feedback from testers, Microsoft is still working on the technology for the military. After a decade of spending on the tech, the U.S. military is confident that Microsoft can deliver a suitable product in the future.

Improvements have already taken place over the past year. For example, the hardware’s navigation technology saw huge improvements between prior tests and this recent test period.

Despite this, Microsoft’s unfinished tech still suffers from glaring faults. While improved from previous versions, the hardware still suffers from complete system failures that make the whole headset unusable.

Whether or not HoloLens headsets will become a mainstay part of soldiers’ kits is to be seen. However, with many billions spent on the project, the technology will at least be repurposed somewhere.

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