Microsoft leaks Nintendo Switch 2, claims CoD will come to new console

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Microsoft leaks Nintendo Switch 2, claims CoD will come to new console - Mario looking shocked at Master Chief standing in court

One of gaming’s worst kept secrets, the Nintendo Switch 2, has been discussed by Microsoft in court. Not only is the new Nintendo console real, but it will be a new home for Activision’s Call of Duty franchise.

Discussed during the FTC trial against the Microsoft-Activision merger, a Microsoft spokesperson leaked the existence of the Nintendo Switch 2, although the name was not specifically mentioned.

In released court documents, a new Nintendo Switch SKU is discussed. The documents explain that Microsoft is committed to bringing Call of Duty games to the next Nintendo console, dubbed an “in-development Switch model”.

Microsoft is not the only company to have leaked the next Nintendo Switch. In recent interviews, Ubisoft revealed that Nintendo advised it to wait for the Nintendo Switch 2 before releasing its Mario + Rabbids sequel.

Earlier this year, Nintendo leakers revealed that development on its next console is “progressing well”, but the console won’t release until 2024 at the earliest. While the console is still selling well, sales are starting to decline.

Nevertheless, Nintendo still has a vast exclusive lineup for its aging console. First-party games such as Pikmin 4, Super Mario Wonder, Super Mario RPG Remake, Luigi’s Mansion 2 Remastered, Detective Pikachu Returns and more are scheduled to release on the platform.

There is hope that the next Nintendo Switch handheld will be able to match Xbox One level visuals in portable mode. With rumours of Nintendo Switch 2 DLSS reconstruction, the next-gen portable handheld could become a long -lasting device from Nintendo.

Microsoft and Activision have not released information on what Call of Duty games will release on the Nintendo Switch 2. While highly cutdown ports could make their way to the system, there could also be new exclusive Switch versions made for the weaker hardware.

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