Microsoft launches Copilot Pro with GPT-4 Turbo for power users

Microsoft's Copilot logo above some open apps in a press image
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft's Copilot logo above some open apps in a press image
Credit: Microsoft

After adding the Copilot key to upcoming Windows keyboards as the first new key in 30 years, while also pushing for the AI to start alongside your PC, it's no surprise that next on the list is Copilot Pro - a new subscription model for $20 per month, per user that gives you more use out of the AI.

Announced via a Microsoft blog post, the now-launched Copilot Pro will allow users to have Copilot on numerous devices and in multiple 365 applications, and it uses OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 Turbo, meaning you can use it during peak times and with faster responses too.

Unlike the free ChatGPT model, which users can sign up for and start messing around with, Copilot already has some interesting features. However, the differences between the free ChatGPT and paid ChatGPT are fairly substantial, and using Copilot Pro offers a similar boost, if you're willing to part with your money.

There's the aforementioned ability for Copilot Pro to sync across your devices, as well as having access to it in 365 applications. However, you can also use AI image creation faster with the aptly named Image Creator, which was formerly Bing Image Creator, with 100 boosts per day.

Finally, there's a Copilot GPT Builder feature coming soon, which allows you to create a customised Copilot specifically for certain topics. Broader Copilot GPTs will be available for free users, however, with specific niches like Copilot for cooking or travel.

If you've been out of the AI loop, and you're wondering what we're even talking about, we suggest reading our guide on what ChatGPT is, which will give you an overview of the AI that is already taking over the world. At least, in terms of popularity... for now.

That being said, AI is actually fairly interesting. And while I've had my qualms with the AI takeover, I've actually been impressed in some instances. While using Copilot to find information on myself hasn't offered information that is correct in the slightest, ChatGPT can summarise YouTube videos which is really awesome. Not only that, but I've used Copilot to help me with headline ideas, which does require some editing, but makes things easier nonetheless.

However, I don't think a Copilot Pro subscription will gather too many subscribers, especially right now. AI still has a fairly niche use case outside of people searching up their family members or making random pictures using prompts, so I suspect it'll be a while until Copilot Pro becomes a huge success. That being said, it does sound interesting to say the least, especially with the Copilot GPT Builer coming down the line.

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