The digital-only Xbox Series X has been leaked, so much for physical media

microsoft digital-only xbox series x leaked
Credit: Microsoft

microsoft digital-only xbox series x leaked
Credit: Microsoft


  • Microsoft's digital-only Xbox Series X has been leaked
  • This system has been rumoured for months
  • Expect an announcement from Microsoft soon

Images of Microsoft’s digital-only Xbox Series X have been leaked, following rumours of the console’s existence months ago. Microsoft has been pushing for an all-digital future for a while now and the existence of this console further cements that, despite what fans of physical media want.

Reported by eXputer (via Wario64), this new model for the console doesn’t change too much, aside from completely removing the disc drive for physical games. The system will come with an improved heatsink, but it won’t be more or less powerful than the current Series X console.

Microsoft has yet to confirm the existence of this digital-only Xbox Series X, but these photos seem legitimate, so fans should expect an announcement soon. It will be interesting to see what happens to the Xbox Series S or even the current Series X console, since fans still love buying physical games.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer previously brought up how they aren’t removing the existence of physical games. However, he did bring up how most Xbox users do purchase most of their games digitally. Microsoft has also pushed for this digital future heavily, with their Game Pass subscription service being proof of that.

While physical games will always be important, it seems that this digital-only Xbox Series X is proof that Microsoft is riding that wave of relevance. The new console revision is interesting, but fans can already access physical and digital games with the current Series X model. Hopefully, this isn’t a replacement to the current Series X model or the Series S alternative, since they all have their place.

A digital-only future does mean convenience when it comes to playing games, but that also means more fragility for their future. Microsoft will be killing the Xbox 360 Marketplace this coming July and publishers have already begun delisting games from the PS3 store.

No release date for this digital-only Xbox Series X has been announced, but fans can expect an announcement from Microsoft soon.

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