Meta's Threads launched today and it's already a mess

meta threads launched today and is already a mess
Credit: Meta

meta threads launched today and is already a mess
Credit: Meta

Meta has launched its Threads app as a competitor to Twitter but it’s already kind of a mess. Granted, the app just launched and they can always fix some of these bugs later on but this isn’t a great first impression.

Fans on Twitter were quick to point out how people can barely see posts on the new app unless they follow them. It’s a pretty frustrating process, especially since Twitter, for all its faults, already lets people see normal posts without needing to follow them.

What makes things worse is that anyone who wants to delete their Threads app will also need to delete their Instagram. Since both apps are connected, you have to lose access to both just to delete Threads and that sucks. Considering how long people have had their Instagram accounts, that’s asking for a lot.

Unsurprisingly, many are already leaving the app and sticking with Twitter, despite all the problems that the app has. You can also check out a selection of memes below, where many are trashing the app and choosing sides. Tribalism sucks, especially when both apps are owned by billionaires who aren’t exactly the best people.

Social media users considered going to Threads app after Elon Musk announced limitations to the Twitter app. Normal users are limited to 600 tweets, new users are limited to 300 tweets and verified users get 6000. That has now been increased to 800 for normal, 400 for new, and 8000 for verified but it’s still a dumb thing to do.

Threads was later announced as a competitor to Twitter, with many hoping that it would be a much better alternative. While there’s still time for the app to improve, some of its bugs need to be fixed in order for it to be a proper competitor.

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Anyone willing to give the app a chance can download Threads on pretty much any device they have.

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