Metacritic just made a GREAT decision to wipe out review-bombing trolls

Review bombing has been a weird issue in recent days and is becoming increasingly part of the reviews cycle for many people.

As people become increasingly vitriolic about their beliefs about what should or shouldn't be in games, they take it out on said games by leaving a negative review of it.

There's no issue with people disliking a game for whatever reason they want, but when they've not even played the game yet, it seems a little absurd.

Well, Metacritic has finally started to take steps to combat this issue.

Metacritic introduces a new policy

Metacritic, for those who don't know, is a site that aggregates reviews into one easy to find place, and then gives an average score for those games based on both critic and user reviews.

They've now introduced a policy that means that user reviews can't be submitted until 36 hours after the release of a game.

Speaking to Gamespot, they said "We recently implemented the 36 hour waiting period for all user reviews in our games section to ensure our gamers have time to play these games before writing their reviews"

This should mean the end of review bombing, but is more likely to simply delay it by a day and a half.

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What is review bombing, and why does it happen

Review bombing is most common when a game has left-leaning politics, women in the role of the protagonist, or just anything else that is deemed to be "political".

"Political", at least in this context, means anything that doesn't align with the very loud, very angry section of the internet that doesn't grasp the complexities of life as we know it, and therefore gets incredibly angry whenever something challenges those narrow viewpoints.

It's a way of shouting about their disgust at the fact that women are strong, or that trans people exist, or that being nice to people is good actually. It's rather silly, and while this move won't stop it, it's good to see something being done about it.

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