Meta warns all Quest VR users to save all their games

meta warns fans deleting old oculus accounts
Credit: Meta

meta warns fans deleting old oculus accounts
Credit: Meta

Meta is set to delete Oculus accounts later this month and the company is urging fans to migrate their accounts to Quest and then save their games. Once these accounts are gone, users won’t have a way to get them back, so anyone who hasn’t migrated their Oculus account to Quest should do it now.

According to Forbes, Meta will start deleting all Oculus accounts near the end of this month, on March 29. The company has told fans that there will be no way to get their accounts back once they’ve all been deleted, so they have to act now.

Emails have reportedly been sent to all Meta Quest users to migrate their Oculus accounts to the VR headset, and then save their games. Luckily, fans simply need to open their Oculus app and read the instructions. They can also activate their Quest headsets and start the migration there, saving these games.

VR users know that these games are already pretty hard to preserve and are pretty expensive, hence, the need to save all of these experiences. While these VR headsets have yet to match a console or PC game experience, aside from Half-Life: Alyx maybe, they’re still worth saving for these gamers.

Meta, still known as Facebook at the time, purchased Oculus in 2014, later dropping the brand name once they settled on their new one. At the time, this was seen as controversial since Oculus was one of the more well-known VR brands at the time. However, the various Quest headsets have since sold well, especially since gamers could migrate their Oculus games over to the new headset.

Seeing the Oculus accounts get deleted is depressing and is a worrying trend in gaming, though we understand why. Nintendo removing the Wii U and 3DS eShops was annoying, but it did cost money to keep those online. It was probably time for Meta to do this, but at least they’re telling fans in advance.

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