Meta Quest headsets lose their most unappreciated feature

The Meta quest 3 on a man’s head

In a new update, a key feature of the Meta Quest 3 headsets will be removed for thousands of VR fans: video casting.

Allowing players to display what is an otherwise solitary experience to their friends and family on a nearby device, video casting for Meta Quest is being axed from the brilliant VR headsets.

As reported by Android Central, numerous Quest users have found themselves unable to cast their virtual reality experiences to devices such as Chromecasts. This means that users are currently only able to cast to a smartphone or PC instead of their TV.

The report explains the Meta Quest casting to Chromecast devices is no longer “officially supported” on headsets such as Quest 3. Instead, fans are expected to cast their headset to the smartphone Meta Quest app and then share that app to a bigger display which is frankly a huge pain.

Fans of the Meta gaming device have not taken kindly to the change. With gamers already struggling to sell others on the greatness of VR gaming, the removal of such a key feature is simply another mistake.

“Absolutely, ever since the GearVR days I've been trying and failing to share VR experiences with other people over casting. PC, chromecast, app-streaming, nothing seems to work well,” one fan explained.

“It doesn’t make any sense why they would do this. It’s bad in every possible way to not let others gather around and have fun playing VR together,” said another. “I can’t think of one single reason why this makes sense.”

From a user’s point of view, the current state of casting on Meta Quest headsets is too annoying. Unfortunately, it seems Meta isn’t willing to spend the time and resources on improving the feature.

The Meta Quest 3 headset is available from most major retailers right now.

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