Meta Quest 3S is The New Lite Model VR Fans Have Been Waiting For

The Meta Quest 3 headset is shown
Credit: Meta

The Meta Quest 3 headset is shown
Credit: Meta

The Meta Quest 3S appears to be the rumored Lite model that’s been teased by various reports and leaks, giving fans a cheaper VR alternative. While Meta hasn’t officially confirmed the news, a leak has seemingly confirmed that this is going to be what the Lite model will be called.

Multiple Quest store pages have listed a Quest 3S alongside other models of this VR headset, which could mean a more accessible headset for all. Upload VR was able to share a screenshot of this new model, confirming that this Lite model is going to become a reality sooner or later.

Concrete evidence of the Meta Quest 3S hasn’t been shown until now, despite multiple reports claiming that this model exists. Although we aren’t sure when this model will be coming out, this leaked image could mean that the reveal is coming soon. It would be bold to assume that the new headset will come out this year, but weirder things have happened.

Reports have claimed that this Lite headset has been in development for a while, as Meta tries to make a VR accessory that can appeal to more users. VR is still a very niche hobby that few users can afford, so this Lite model might be a decent step at bringing in more fans.

It’s not yet known what makes the Meta Quest 3S a lighter model, though reports claim that it will ship without some of the accessories. Meta can always sell these accessories separately for those users who want that full experience, so it’s a win/win situation for them. Only time will tell if this is actually going to be a good move, but Meta can always rebound with something else.

No release date for this Meta Quest 3S has been revealed, though details on this Lite model should be coming soon. Fans can also choose to pick up the current Meta Quest 3, albeit, for a more expensive price.

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