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Meta Quest 3 fan makes adaptor to reuse their Quest 2 straps

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Meta Quest 3 device with a brightly coloured adaptor connecting to Meta Quest 2 head straps
Credit: Haydn Bao

The Meta Quest 3 is now available to buy and strap on your face, but many have been put off by the number of Meta Quest 2 accessories that have been left by the wayside. One Meta Quest 3 fan has had enough, making an adapter to reuse their old straps.

In typical tech industry fashion, what's top of the line one day will be phased out the next. Keeping up to date can be expensive, and throwing away your old models can be a really frustrating experience - one that Meta Quest user Haydn Bao clearly wanted to avoid.

On the Printables website, a 3D model database, Haydn shared an adaptor that can be used to make the Meta Quest 2's strap compatible with Meta Quest 3, the newer model. Users can download the schematics for free, but will need a 3D printer to get the adaptor ready for use. The page also had a few disclaimers, listed below.

  • For extra safety, you can put a strap around it, it is the default version. Download raw file for the one without the loops.
  • If it clips on too tight, reduce flow ratio or flow rate multiplier in your slicer by 5%.
  • All files include print and material parameters. (Open as project) Just hit print!

Hayden goes on to say that they will continue to improve its durability while using the adaptor themselves. As easy as it would've been to sell the adaptor for money - something that Meta will probably try to do in future - it's always great to see people sharing their creations freely.

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Meta Quest 3 isn’t the instant success that Meta wants the new VR headset to be. With a lack of interest and poor preorders leading to supply reductions, the new Meta VR device is shaping up to be a bit of a dud.

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