Meta opens physical Metaverse store for some bizarre reason

Mark Zuckerberg's plans for Meta’s metaverse point to an entirely digital future. Like the world of locked-in dystopias the metaverse concept is ripped from, Zuck's plans involve humanity working, playing, relaxing and shopping in the digital world. Despite this, Meta has now opened a metaverse store, spitting in the face of its proposed digital future.

Metaverse store opened in California

In a very traditional decision, Meta has decided to open a traditional brick and mortar store in California. Located on the Meta Burlingame campus, this tangible, physical store will be used to sell products for the company's digital store.

For example, the Meta Store will sell a number of devices that will enable users to access Meta’s metaverse. Right now, this incudes devices such as Oculus Quest headsets, an integral device to enter the virtual world. However, in the future, the store may also sell the company's in-development augmented reality glasses.

Despite being a metaverse store, the Meta Store will sell other gadgets made by the company. For example, the company's recent camera sunglasses — Ray-Ban Stories — will also be available to try in the shop. Presumably, any other product launched by the company will also release in a limited physical capacity as well.

meta store
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The first ever Meta Store. Very fancy.

Currently, Meta is only opening a single store. However, depending on interest, more stores may be opened to fulfil demand. Of course, everything can also be ordered online or through a retailer of your choosing anyway.

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Every digital company goes physical

Meta's decision to start creating physical storefronts isn't a move unique to the company; then again, few are. For example, both Amazon and Google — companies designed around digital content — have physical storefronts.

There's a reason for this: physical stores are great brand awareness for established companies. If a store is constantly present on a busy route, a higher percentage of passer-by citizens will remember the brand. For huge companies, it’s just another form of advertising, like bespoke car dealerships.

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