Meta admits Quest 3 bug that lowers resolution, but you can prevent it

Meta Quest 3 headset in front of a shushing emoji
Credit: Meta

Meta Quest 3 headset in front of a shushing emoji
Credit: Meta

Any piece of great hardware is capable of having bugs or glitches occur, and the Meta Quest 3 headsets are no different. However, the latest bug spotted by the community and confirmed by Meta may be happening to you, and you may have not noticed.

Despite any issues, the Quest 3 still remains one of the best VR headsets on the market. And pairing the headset up with some of the best Quest 3 accessories can make the experience even better. But for those of you who prefer playing the best mixed reality games on the headset, you could be playing in a lower resolution.

Noticed by user u/LimeSlicer after scouring the internet for an issue with their headset looking like it was stuck in low resolution, LimeSlicer discovered a Meta Community Forum thread that was discussing the Quest 3 stuck in Battery Saver mode, causing the device to have a lower resolution. The issue has been ongoing since mid-December 2023, but Meta has recently confirmed the problem itself, asking users to private message the support team for possible solutions.

Meta itself hasn't confirmed that the Quest 3 going into Battery Saver mode is the cause of the bug, however, every case with users stuck with low-res Quest 3's is tied to the mode. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any fix that users can perform to get back to the normal resolution right now, but it's likely a software glitch that can be fixed in an upcoming system update. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon after the CitraVR 3DS emulator releases for Quest.

While you may not be able to fix the problem yourself, you can prevent it from occuring. YouTuber Ima_Rainbow goes through the steps on their video, but users on the Quest 3 can head to the System settings, into the Power tab and switch off the Battery Saver mode, meaning the Quest 3 won't automatically enter the low-power mode and potentially, save you a future headache.

Some users believe that Meta is asking those with the bug to private message support is for Meta to hide the situation. However, its likely a way for the support to get all of the details related to the incident, making it easier for developers to diagnose the issue, and fix it sooner rather than later.

While this is no doubt an annoying bug for those using the Quest 3, it will hopefully be fixed soon with an update. While the thread has been ongoing for a month already, we expect some developers to be already working on a fix.

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