MediEvil co-creator sells BAFTA after health issues

MediEvil co-creator sells BAFTA - Sir Dan looking at camera

MediEvil co-creator sells BAFTA - Sir Dan looking at camera

Very few PSX owners can say to have never played MediEvil, a real cult classic for the original PlayStation console. Unfortunately, its original co-creator, designer James "Jay Gunn" Wilson has been hitting a series of unlucky streaks recently. After difficulties to find work and following a trip to the hospital, he's currently selling his BAFTA award.

In a since deleted post on X, the developer was selling his award for £6.000, but he also mentioned accepting higher offers or a sort of auction as well. The replies to the original post were not deleted, in those he mentions that, along with the BAFTA award, he's including a promotional figurine for Sir Dan Hand, plus a Funko Pop that he can sign should the receiver want to.

While the post has since been deleted because, according to the developer, "it was beginning to attract negative and hurtful comments directed toward me", the offer still seems to be valid. If you are interested, we would suggest contacting the developer directly on Twitter.

In other posts on the platform, Wilson mentions having quite the unlucky streak recently. The developer recalls he's been sending out job applications for almost a year now. Despite constantly altering his CV, he adds that "out of 20 applications a month, I may get 2-3 replies usually with a rejection, most go unanswered".

Following health issues and having to be admitted to the hospital because of stress-related problems, Wilson decided to go ahead and sell his award. This is just even to continue having enough money to live on, which is not a position anyone deserves to found themselves in.

With the latest MediEvil title in 2019 receiving not great reviews, it would be definitely the right time for Sony to think about bringing back the original designers for one more shot. Still, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the developer can find work soon and get out of this quite ugly spot.

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