Massive Elden Ring DLC has been in development for a full year

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Massive Elden Ring DLC has been in development for a full year praising the sun

Upcoming massive Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree has excited fans who are ready to “git gud” once again. While fans wonder just how huge the RPG expansion will be, new details have released, explaining just how long this expansion has been in the works.

Recently leaked on Twitter lead game designer on Shadow of the Erdtree Kin Yue Chan revealed on LinkedIn page of Kin Yue Chan that he has been working on the DLC since April of 2022.

So that will make the DLC a project that has been in development, at least, for a full year now. Usually, DLCs are not released that far removed from their original game, as studios do not want players to forget their original games, so perhaps we might expect Shadow of the Erdtree to come out in 2023?

Clearly, take that with a grain of salt but FromSoftware does have a habit of starting to work on DLCs for their games pretty soon after they are released. That happened also with Bloodborne which started development right after the studio was finished with the first Dark Souls DLC.

Previously, Hidetaka Miyazaki had said that there were no clear plans for DLCs unless Elden Ring became a huge hit. Well, as you can guess, he got his wish in the end. After his acceptance of the GOTY in December of 2022, Miyazaki had said the studio wanted to go ahead with DLC, along with vaguely teasing a possible sequel to Elden Ring.


As one of the best-selling games of 2022, Elden Ring DLC felt inevitable to some fans. After all, the entire Soulsborne series has received some of the best expansions in all of gaming, with only Sekiro receiving little after-launch support.

While we do not have any confirmation on the release date of Shadows of the Erdtree at this point in time, this leak might tell us that, perhaps, it's only a matter of months before we are back in the Lands Between. Practice that sword swing, you might need it!

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