Massive Candy Crush drone ad will fill the sky with dystopian marketing

candy crush logo

candy crush logo

Candy Crush, the ridiculously popular mobile game, is turning 10 and is celebrating this occasion with a gaudy display that is worrying many. Rather than simply celebrating with an in-game event that can give players more rewards, a drone show took place reminding people to download the title.

Drone display shows are already seen as unnecessary by most people, so seeing a mobile game get this treatment has many rolling their eyes. It’s almost dystopian to see a game like this get celebrated this way but that’s something many people have gotten used to by now.

There are also a number of legislators and bird activists that are against the move, though that hasn’t stopped Candy Crush from celebrating the occasion. There’s a good chance that even bigger games will do the same thing or worse in the near future, so this is a worrying precedent to set.

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According to Gizmodo, the 10-year anniversary of Candy Crush lit up the Hudson River. Drones flew above the river and showed off what makes the mobile game addictive, filling the night sky with random fruits and desserts.

Though the show was technically legal, being outside New York City limits, activists are worried that the show will affect bird migratory season. Their concerns are that that the colorful celebration is going to result in bird deaths from misdirection and any possible collisions.

“We haven’t heard about this show until very recently, but we would have flagged it as something that shouldn’t happen during migration,” said Dustin Patridge, the director of conservation for New York City Audubon. “It’s just another cut for these bird populations that are experiencing death by a thousand cuts.”

It’s fair to say that the Candy Crush show isn’t getting a positive reception right now and it will be interesting to see just how people react. Don’t expect to see the game’s revenue affected too much since millions of gamers are still playing it to this day.

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