Marvel’s Avengers price slashed before the game is gone forever

Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man and Captain America hanging out on a roof

Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man and Captain America hanging out on a roof

Square Enix has massively slashed the price of the Marvel’s Avengers game just weeks before the title is delisted forever. If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on the controversial Marvel game, now’s your final chance.

Across Steam, Xbox and PlayStation, Marvel’s Avengers: Definitive Edition has seen its price slashed to just $3.99. This version of the game gives you access to the main game, all DLC and nearly every cosmetic as well.

However, anyone who wants to play the game as the wall-crawling Spider-Man will have to make sure to buy the PlayStation version of the game. At the time of writing, the most popular Marvel superhero is still only available on PlayStation consoles.

Marvel’s Avengers may have been received poorly on launch, but its main campaign and DLC missions are still fun. Furthermore, with hundreds of costumes now no longer locked behind scummy microtransactions, there’s a load of content to enjoy and play around with.

While developer Crystal Dynamics will no longer be supporting the title with new content, the game’s multiplayer will still be playable after the title is delisted. This means that anyone who buys the game and all its DLC for just a few dollars will still be able to play the game in multiplayer matches, the way the bulk of the game’s content was designed to be played.

Marvel’s Avengers is far from perfect, but Crystal Dynamics’ take on the iconic superheroes wasn’t as bad as many claimed it was. It has a decent campaign and some satisfying combat, but a lot of the game’s side content is extraordinarily dull. Nevertheless, if you enjoy grinding big numbers and finding loot, there’s definitely worse options out there.

If you want to pick up Marvel’s Avengers for cheap, head here for the Steam version, here for Xbox and here for PlayStation. It’s clobbering time or something.

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