Marvel’s Avengers is ending, abandoning She-Hulk DLC and more

marvels avengers is ending abandoning she-hulk dlc and more
Credit: Crystal Dynamics

marvels avengers is ending abandoning she-hulk dlc and more
Credit: Crystal Dynamics

After three years of lackluster content and untapped potential, Marvel’s Avengers will finally end its service this coming September. Fans who were hoping to see heroes like She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, and more will be sorely disappointed, though they probably saw this day coming as well.

To many, the shutdown of Marvel’s Avengers was more a question of “when” rather than “if.” Weeks and months would pass without any significant content being added to the game, which usually signals death for a live-service title. Sure, fans got MCU and comic-inspired outfits but that just wasn’t enough to keep fan interest.

It’s a shame that the first triple-A game using the Avengers license was such a disappointment. Hopefully, future games learn from Marvel’s Avengers and we get more superhero titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, or Batman: Arkham City.

On Marvel’s Avengers blog post, it was confirmed that no new content would be added to the game after September 30. This means that we won’t get the rumoured She-Hulk DLC, despite the voice work reportedly being finished. We also won’t get characters that were teased within the game’s universe, like Captain Marvel and Loki.

Furthermore, the game will also be delisted from online stores after September 30, meaning no one will be able to purchase it after that date. Despite that, the developers ensured that the game would still be playable for both online and offline purposes. The devs also promised that anyone who owns the game will get all of the cosmetics for free on March 31.

Giving away all of the game’s cosmetics for free would have been the game’s death knell, had it not been for the official announcement. While the gesture is nice, it’s clear that the live-service route severely hurt Marvel’s Avengers in the long run.

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Curious fans can still purchase Marvel’s Avengers on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. Personally, we would wait until March 31 to pick the game up so players can revel in all of the free costumes.

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