Marvel's Spider-Man 2 won't feature Gwen Stacy

marvel spider-man-2 wont feature gwen stacy
Credit: Koei Tecmo/Insomniac Games

marvel spider-man-2 wont feature gwen stacy
Credit: Koei Tecmo/Insomniac Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is packed to the brim with fan service, from the inclusion of Venom and Kraven to some of the unlockable costumes. However, hardcore Marvel fanatics hoping to see Gwen Stacy in the sequel will be disappointed to know that she won’t be appearing in the game.

One of the game’s collectibles is Spider-Bots, which have references to the overall Spider-Verse as they take the designs of Spider-Man Noir and even Spider-Gwen. However, when it comes to the main narrative, narrative director Jon Paquette told The Gamer that wouldn’t be happening.

"You know what, we entertain [the idea of] all the characters all the time. All of us at the studio are fans of Marvel,” Paquette said. "And so, one of the great things about Insomniac is that we love to get ideas from everybody on the team, so we're always getting ideas. But we also need to stay focused on what is the story that we're trying to tell and Gwen isn't part of the story that we're trying to tell unfortunately. But, who knows?"

Considering how Peter Parker is pretty devoted to Mary Jane in this continuity, it’s probably wise to keep Gwen away from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. While they could always make Gwen a love interest for Miles, that might make fans expect Spider-Gwen/Ghost-Spider and that might be too much fanservice.

Plus, while we’re big fans of the juicy drama surrounding Peter Parker, adding Gwen might have complicated the issues he’s already facing. Peter already has to deal with a cure for Harry Osborn, which might turn his best friend into Venom. Miles also has to deal with some angst as he takes on Mr. Negative, the man who killed his father.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is coming to PlayStation 5 on October 20.

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