Marvel's Spider-Man 2 continues to be haunted by nitpickers

marvel spider-man-2 continues haunted by nitpickers

marvel spider-man-2 continues haunted by nitpickers

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 looks like a dream come true for fans, especially with the inclusion of the symbiote. However, the sequel looks to be suffering from the same thing as its predecessor, namely nitpicking “fans” try to ruin the hype for everyone.

A post from the game’s subreddit expressed how tired it can be to hear people criticizing little things about the sequel. Whether it’s Mary Jane’s character model, the visuals, or reusing the first game’s web-swinging animations, everyone’s a critic.

Granted, there are things to criticize about the game. We mentioned how the Deluxe Edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has some horrid costumes. Even then, the sequel looks like it’s going to push the PS5 to the limit creating gorgeous superhero scenes with truly next-gen visuals.

Fan criticizes nitpicking YouTuber who won't stop overanalyzing Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
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Unfortunately, this is something the first game also went through during the pre-release hype. Fans will remember how “puddlegate” was a huge controversy, where nitpickers made a big deal about the devs changing the game's puddle size. That might sound ridiculous but it happened and some fans were insufferable.

Even after release, fans would criticize every little detail that didn’t go their way. Many players were extremely angry when the Sam Raimi movie outfit wasn’t part of the game’s Season Pass. Later on, it was made as free DLC during that year’s holiday period, putting egg on fans’ faces.

There was some hope that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 wouldn’t go through something similar but alas that isn’t the case. With the heavily-requested symbiote suit now in the game with extra gameplay features, we hope that shuts some fans up.

Hopefully, the final release will live up to standards and we enjoy another great Spider-Man game. Even with a plot similar to the Spider-Man 3 movie game and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, all the little things surrounding Peter Parker’s life has us intrigued.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 comes out on October 20 for the PS5, with a PC version expected later.

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