Marvel Snap plays its cards right and makes $50 million

marvel snap makes 50 million
Credit: Marvel Games

marvel snap makes 50 million
Credit: Marvel Games

Marvel Snap has made a significant amount of money, making it one of the company’s most successful mobile games ever. The deck-building superhero game has been consistently downloaded by fans over the past few months, so its success is well-earned.

According to, the free-to-play card battler has made $50 million in revenue. Downloads continue to dominate as well, with over 18 million players getting the game on their phones.

It looks like things won’t be slowing down for Marvel Snap, as the game just launched its new Ant-Man event. Obviously, this is to tie in with the recent Ant-Man movie and we’re sure that a lot of MCU fans will continue supporting it.

Most fans attribute the success of Marvel Snap to how quick and, well, snappy the matches are. The game’s card battles can be finished in a few minutes, making them perfect for mobile phones. It also helps that the game has a massive roster of Marvel characters, something that Square Enix’s Avengers game could have benefitted from.

Constant balancing has also helped make the game feel consistently fair. Overpowered characters like Silver Surfer were recently nerfed, with more likely to happen if fans are vocal about their issues. As long as they don’t force any pay-to-play events like Pokémon GO did, the game’s reputation should continue to flourish.

While multiple mobile games have had similar success, recent shutdowns have shown that a big brand can’t always save a free-to-play app. Square Enix closed down a number of their free-to-play mobile games, a number of which had the Final Fantasy and Mana brands. This goes to show that pay-to-win can only get you so far.

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Marvel Snap is readily available on iOS, Android, and Steam. The game continues to be updated, with plenty of gorgeous art from various comic book artists. Whether you like Spider-Man, Iron Man, or Wolverine, this game has something for everyone.

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