Marvel Rivals could replace my old Overwatch addiction

Magik slashing her sword in Marvel Rivals press image
Credit: NetEase Games

Magik slashing her sword in Marvel Rivals press image
Credit: NetEase Games


  • After some recent leaks, NetEase Games has announced Marvel Rivals, a 6v6 multiplayer hero shooter
  • The game will be free to play when it launches, delivering new characters in post-launch updates
  • Marvel Rivals has been compared to Overwatch, the beloved Blizzard hero shooter which was controversially removed for a free-to-play sequel

While the idea of a Marvel hero shooter sounds appealing on paper, there's a lot of things that can go wrong. So many heroes and villains have different abilities and powers, and balancing those into a third-person shooter format without affecting each character's personality or offending fans sounds like a challenging endeavour.

However, it's something that NetEase Games is clearly looking forward to attempting. With recent rumours and leaks suggesting that an Overwatch-style Marvel game is in development, NetEase Games has now revealed Marvel Rivals, a 6v6 third-person shooter that brings a roster of characters from the Marvel universe, and pits them against each other in an art style that closely resembles something like Valorant.

The reveal trailer, which showcases a few of the various heroes and villains in action, looks to bring that high-octane action that Marvel is known for, but with an Overwatch flair to it. However, the most impressive part is that each of the Marvel Rivals characters clearly resemble their comic book counterparts - Spider-Man isn't running around with a Web Pistol, but rather, he attacks foes with his fists and his agility alike. And, Loki uses his trickster ways to deceive opponents, creating a carbon copy of himself that he can then teleport and replace.

Interestingly, the game features destructible environments, something that Blizzard's beloved Overwatch and controversial Overwatch 2 never had. It adds an additional layer of depth and interesting in-match moments that should keep things exciting with each match played. And while players could synergise some of their ultimate abilities in Blizzard's iconic hero shooter, NetEase Games is offering specific Team Up abilities in Marvel Rivals, a nod to how Marvel's cast of characters can work together in desperate moments.

When Marvel Rivals finally launches, it will be free-to-play, directly rivalling that of Overwatch 2. However, Overwatch 2 feels like a shell of what its incredible predecessor offered, and I'm hoping that Marvel Rivals can fill that Overwatch-shaped hole in my heart. Hopefully, heroes aren't locked by tedious challenges or battle passes with post-launch updates.

Of course, there's a decent amount of time before the game finally launches. The Marvel Rivals release date is yet to be confirmed, but considering that the game is entering an alpha test in May, we imagine it could be a while before we see an official release. But I'm certainly looking forward to it, even if I do have to twiddle my thumbs until it finally arrives.

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