Marvel’s Midnight Suns DLC sees Venom battle a menacing Mephisto

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marvel midnight suns dlc stars spider-man venom and mephisto
Credit: 2K Games
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In an interesting turn of events, the next Marvel’s Midnight Suns DLC campaign will star Venom and popular comic book villain Mephisto. The choice of characters here is very cheeky, as fans remember what happened to Spider-Man when he made a deal with Mephisto.

According to Game Informer, the DLC story called “Redemption” comes out next week, on February 23. It stars a remorseful Eddie Brock/Venom, regretting his actions as one of Lillith’s minions. He soon runs into Mephisto, who strikes a deal with the Lethal Protector with the promise to rid him of his symbiote.


Naturally, this is a Mephisto story, so expect some backstabbing that leads to Eddie keeping Venom and joining The Hunter’s roster in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. If it’s anything like the fun Deadpool campaign, this should entertain fans for a few hours and make the New Game Plus more interesting.

Like the other characters in the game, Venom will also get a spiffy black and gold outfit to match everyone else’s. We’re also expecting some other classic costumes to make an appearance, like his Anti-Venom suit or Mac Gargan’s version of Venom with the small eyes.

Marvel Comics fans should find the pairing of Venom and Mephisto interesting, especially if they read the atrocious One More Day. For those unaware, One More Day is the storyline where Spider-Man and Mary Jane give up their marriage to Mephisto in order to save Aunt May. It was an act of cowardice from Marvel Comics editorial to keep the character’s status quo.


Despite getting positive reviews from various outlets and fans, 2K Games claims that Marvel’s Midnight Suns has underperformed. That’s an unfortunate bit of news since the game is a somewhat refreshing take on these characters. Hopefully, sales get bumped up a bit when the last-gen versions of the game come out, whenever that may be.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is now available on the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. Steam users can try out the game for free this weekend and even purchase it at a 40% discount.