Marvel is reportedly working on a supernatural Avengers movie

According to a report, Marvel is currently working on a movie which will feature a new team of supernatural heroes.

The report comes courtesy of The Hashtag Show, and states that Marvel is currently developing several team up and crossover projects.

One of those projects is a team of supernatural heroes who are known as the Midnight Sons. 

The team will act as Phase Four’s Avengers, and team up further down the line to take on a dark, supernatural threat. 

Midnight Sons

The supernatural superhero team will feature; Doctor Stranger (Benedict Cumberbatch), Blade (Mahershala Ali) Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac).

Other characters like Ghost Rider, Hannibal King and Hellstrom will also reportedly appear in the film. Ghost Rider is rumoured to appear in the upcoming Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness film. 

Marvel Midnight sons
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The Original Midnight Sons Credit:

Marvel is also reportedly working on a number of team up movies. Projects reportedly include the likes of the Young Avengers, which Disney teased in the recent Captain America and the Winter Soldier series. We could also see a Dark Avengers movie in the future as well.

Midnight Sons first appeared in 1992, in Volume Two of Ghost Rider. The team was a subdivision of the Avengers tasked with fighting supernatural enemies. 

Phase Four

Even though we are relatively early on in Phase Four, it feels like Marvel has plenty up its sleeve for the next few years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Alongside potential Young Avengers and Midnight Sons movies, we could also see a multiverse Spider-Man film featuring three different incarnations of the web-slinger. 

It’s we'll see Mephisto, Marvel’s equivalent of the devil, make an appearance in Phase Four. Fans and critics have speculated that Mephisto could serve as the new Thanos.

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