Marvel's Avengers devs Crystal Dynamics are currently playtesting their next big game

marvel avengers devs crystal dynamics playtesting new game
Credit: Square Enix

marvel avengers devs crystal dynamics playtesting new game
Credit: Square Enix

Crystal Dynamics are already playtesting their next game now that Marvel’s Avengers won’t be receiving any more support from them, Square Enix, or Marvel. While nothing has been confirmed yet, many are hoping that this new game will be in the Legacy of Kain series, especially after a recent survey.

Players who knew about the survey told PCGamesN that they have been invited to a secret playtest for an unnamed game. Details on the game haven’t been revealed, so it’s too early to say that this will be a Legacy of Kain title or even a new entry in the Tomb Raider franchise.

“Crystal Dynamics will be hosting playtests for a new game from May 3 to May 12,” the invitation reportedly reads. “The playtests will be remote so you can participate from home as long as you have a PC or Mac, web camera, microphone, and the Microsoft Teams app installed.”

It’s not just a rumour either, as Crystal Dynamics has confirmed to the outlet that a secret playtest is happening. Obviously, they didn’t reveal what the title being tested is, but there’s plenty of hope now that Embracer Group has shown interest in bringing back old franchises.

Embracer Group purchased Crystal Dynamics from Square Enix and has entertained ideas to bring back games like Legacy of Kain or Deus Ex. Both series’ have been ignored for the longest time as the company worked on Tomb Raider, Marvel’s Avengers, and other Square Enix properties.

Fans were hoping that Marvel’s Avengers wouldn’t end up being the disappointment that it eventually became. While it had fun combat and good graphics, the forced live-service elements, poor choice of villains, and lack of a proper roadmap for future content soured many. Hopefully, the developers decide to play to their strengths and work on well-made single-player games.

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Gamers curious about Crystal Dynamics should consider getting some of their recent Tomb Raider games on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There’s also Marvel’s Avengers, which will be de-listed this coming September.

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