Mark Zuckerberg will ‘single-handedly kill’ Meta, say employees

Mark Zuckerberg on a flaming Facebook and meta logo

Mark Zuckerberg on a flaming Facebook and meta logo

The reputation of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg continues to plummet, with most people giving up on his supposedly revolutionary platform. It’s gotten so bad that staff within the company are anonymously badmouthing Zuckerberg over the belief that he’s going to kill Meta.

While the man still has his defenders, it’s clear that most of the world has turned on Zuckerberg. Even those excited to explore the metaverse don’t have a lot of kind words for the man who made Facebook.

Unless something really impressive is shown soon, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg has lost any goodwill he might have had with his employees. Fanboys are one thing but if the people who work for you are losing faith, it’s going to be a really rocky boat unless changes are made.

According to Yahoo! Finance, Meta employees are venting about Mark Zuckerberg on platforms like Blind. To the surprise of no one, a lot of these scathing reviews were made on the day Meta laid off 13% of its employees, making the anger understandable.

"The Metaverse will be our slow death," says a user who claims to be a senior software developer for Meta. "Mark Zuckerberg will single-handedly kill a company with the meta-verse."

It’s not just this user expressing their frustration, as the report claims that there are 6,000 bad reviews for Zuckerberg in Blind. For anyone who might think that these are just trolls, work emails must be used to confirm if these frustrations are legitimate.

"Nearly all of the reviews posted have been written by current employees of the respective companies at the time of writing, as people generally cannot access Blind after they are laid off or resign,” said Rick Chen, head of public relations at Blind.

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Don’t expect things to change for Mark Zuckerberg, as the metaverse continues to plummet to the public eye.

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