Mark Zuckerberg slams Apple Vision Pro, tells fans to buy his Meta Quest 3

mark zuckerberg apple vision pro
Credit: Mark Zuckerberg/Apple

mark zuckerberg apple vision pro
Credit: Mark Zuckerberg/Apple

VR users have mixed thoughts about the Apple Vision Pro, which led to Mark Zuckerberg dunking on his opposition while telling fans to pick up the Meta Quest 3. Zuckerberg’s video is a fascinating one, as it’s just a sales pitch to fans so they can pick up his VR headset instead.

In the Instagram video (via Twitter user Sheel Mohnot), Zuckerberg he tried the Apple Vision Pro and concluded that his product, the Meta Quest 3, is better. While the Meta CEO tries to play coy and claims that headsets can differ, the fact he tells users to pick up his product instead is pretty hilarious.

Some fans do appreciate Zuckerberg’s confidence in releasing this video, claiming that his cage fight experience made him a braver person. But most fans can see through this message, as it’s just a way to try and dunk on his competitor while making his product look better.

Tech junkies have been mixed on the Apple Vision Pro, as the headset is lacking in apps and other basic features. While there are a few interesting apps made for Apple’s machine, fans can’t deny that it’s a ridiculously expensive piece of hardware. VR aficionados have said that Apple’s device has potential, but it just hasn’t been reached yet.

Despite Zuckerberg’s confidence, it’s clear that he’s a bit desperate to sell the Meta Quest 3, as his VR headset hasn’t done as well. Although the headset is technically superior, the fact that he has to release a full video telling consumers why reeks of desperation. Fans can say whatever they want about Apple’s hardware, but at least that company’s CEO didn’t buy a Quest 3 and trash it.

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Zuckerberg’s desperation makes some sense since the Apple Vision Pro has sold decently, getting over 180,000 pre-orders. The fact VR fans chose a somewhat incomplete product shows that there’s still some trust in the Apple brand, despite a lot of issues. Fans can pick up the Meta Quest 3 since it’s more feature-rich, but that also means supporting a CEO who shared a video where he looks pathetic while slamming his opposition.

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