Luke Skywalker schools Cal Kestis in amazing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor vid

luke skywalker cal kestis star wars jedi survivor vid
Credit: EA

luke skywalker cal kestis star wars jedi survivor vid
Credit: EA

Luke Skywalker has shown Cal Kestis a thing or two in an amazing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor video. Technically, this was an ad featuring Mark Hamill and Cameron Monaghan but Mark stays in character for a good while, making for a really fun watch.

In this commercial for the game, we see Mark give Cameron a lot of advice in the same way Luke did for Rey during The Last Jedi. Cameron eventually breaks character as Cal but Mark stays in character a bit longer. That’s until he sees Cal Kestis holding two lightsabers, where he then walked off wondering why Luke never held two.

Beyond that, there’s some fun gameplay seen for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, adding hype to a sequel most fans are already hyped for. Still, it’s easy to assume that this fanservice-filled trailer probably sold a few more copies of the game, no matter how buggy they are.

One more funny note about the commercial is that PlayStation also shared it and they crop out a shot of Mark Hamill using a controller to play the game. It turns out that this is an Xbox controller and they probably didn’t want it on their media channels. Personally, we think this is a petty move as the Xbox logo can’t even be seen on the controller but corporations are going to corporation.

We’re sure some fans are hoping that Luke Skywalker appears in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor after this ad, especially since Darth Vader appears in Fallen Order. Admittedly, this writer hasn’t beaten Jedi: Survivor but it seems too early to introduce the character, especially since it’s only been five years since the first game.

Even if Luke doesn’t appear, Jedi: Survivor will be bringing back fan-favorite characters from Fallen Order. Furthermore, the game itself looks like a big improvement, with bigger areas to explore and more challenging combat for players to go experience.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is now available on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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