Lost Pablo Picasso painting discovered through AI and 3D printing

Spanish artist Pablo Picasso is revered as one of the most influential artists of modern times. After his passing in 1973, it was obviously thought that we'd see no more paintings from the artist. However, with the use of modern technology, everyone's realistic assumptions have been proven wrong.

New Pablo Picasso painting recreated with AI

Reported by CNN, art recovery company Oxia Palus has discovered a never-before-seen Picasso piece. Titled “The Lonesome Crouching Nude”, the long-lost piece was found underneath one of the artists early pieces — “The Blind Man’s Meal”.

In the early 1900s, Picasso painted over the hidden image to create The Blind Man's Meal. However, by using a combination of X-RAY scans, artificial intelligence and 3D printing, Oxia Palus has successfully brought the painting back.

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How was it remade?

By scanning the image with XFR imaging, Oxia Palus discovered outlines and brushstrokes for the painting. Afterwards, an AI program was trained to paint in Picasso’s style, mimicking the late artists’ brushstrokes.

Using the AI’s data, a finely detailed heightmap was generated. This heightmap mimicked the texture that Picasso’s brushes and paints would've created. Finally, the lost art was 3D printed onto a canvas.

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The X-Ray vs Finished.

In a year where we've seen artificial intelligence used for war and surveillance, its nice to see the technology used for harmless creation. Despite worries about regulations and resources, AI can still be used for wholesome content... occasionally.

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