Live-action God of War won’t cast The Rock as Kratos

Live-action God of War won’t cast The Rock as Kratos

Live-action God of War won’t cast The Rock as Kratos

The upcoming live action adaptation of Sony Santa Monica’s God of War is not casting Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Kratos.

Numerous reports this week claimed that the WWE star would be the face of Kratos in the upcoming Amazon series. However, that admittedly generic casting decision does not appear to be true at all.

Responding to a tweet claiming that The Rock would star as Kratos in the upcoming live-action God of War, the games’ director Cory Barlog revealed that he has not heard anything of the like.

“I have literally never heard anything about this,” Barlog responded on Twitter.

As well as being one of the main creative voices of the God of War video games, Barlog is deeply involved in the series’ TV adaptation. Barlog is serving as an executive producer on the Amazon series, making sure the series is faithful to the games it’s based on.

Amazon is also working on other video game adaptations for its Prime Video service. The company is currently deep in filming for its upcoming Fallout series, a series that has seen numerous leaks over the past few months.

Following the juggernaut success of HBO’s The Last of Us series, many studios are looking to adapt more video games into television shows. HBO’s series proved that the audience is there for great adaptations of gaming’s best stories, but will the same be true of God of War.

As for casting, numerous names have been thrown around over the past year. Many have called for Kratos’ in-game voice actor Christopher Judge to bring the character’s virtual gravitas into live-action. Others have asked for Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista to play the character.

God of War series is currently expected to release in 2025. The TV show will focus entirely on the games’ new story instead of adapting the PS2 games first. The series will release on Amazon Prime Video.

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