LG TVs are going to be flooded with ads

lg tvs ceo william cho

lg tvs ceo william cho

LG has enjoyed success in the AV market for quite some time now, what with them being the only OLED panel manufacturer up until Samsung's QD-OLED technology. But now those TVs are about to get flooded with ads.

Last week, LG Electronics CEO William Cho announced a "bold vision" for the future of the South Korean company. This touted future involves shifting focus from being a hardware-oriented business to platform-based one that will capitalise on the software already installed on all of its products - like WebOS.

Detailed in another press release, this change in focus will mean that advertisements will be added to its TV UI by the end of 2023.

"In line with this, the company intends to transform its TV business portfolio into a 'media and entertainment service provider' by expanding content, services and advertisement in products, including LG OLED and LG QNED TVs, which have differentiated competitiveness."

This is sure to annoy AV enthusiasts who spent thousands on the latest LG flagship OLEDs like the LG G3 and LG C3, only for them to sneak ads in the back door of WebOS.

Many LG buyers value the no-nonsense approach LG brings over Samsung, which technically has the superior AV tech with QD-OLED, due to Samsung constantly updating its TVs with unwanted software and changes to picture quality like it did with the S95B.

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