LG TVs will all get at least 4 years of WebOS upgrades

lg tv 4 years webos upgrades
Credit: LG Electronics

lg tv 4 years webos upgrades
Credit: LG Electronics

LG has announced that they will be updating the WebOS of their TV units for four years, ensuring that customers get to use their products more. This announcement was made alongside the reveal of the company’s QNED television, which comes with built-in Comcast.

According to FlatpanelsHD, these WebOS updates will ensure that customers get the most up-to-date television when they purchase an LG TV. So anyone who plans on buying one of the company’s new products this year will see it get updated until 2028.

“With the webOS Re:New program, LG is offering an upgrade to the latest version of its webOS smart TV platform to give more smart TV owners the most up-to-date user experience for the next five years," revealed LG Electronics.

It’s not just TV sets coming out this year getting updated, as the report also confirms that units from 2022 will also get these webOS updates. Only the 8K units released in 2022 will be getting these updates, so those who got standard televisions with lesser power won’t be as fortunate.

Before fans get too excited, LG did state that these updates won’t increase the power of these televisions or anything like that. This just means updating current software and giving viewers a stable experience every year, but nothing more.

As to why we’re getting these updates in the first place, the report claims that LG will be able to put various ads via webOS. More ads mean more revenue for the company, which should make up for some televisions not getting sold. Companies incorporating ads is nothing new as Netflix and Amazon have done this as well, so this is just something users are used to by this point.

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Still, regularly updating the webOS of these televisions is a smart move from LG and fans will probably eat that up. Expect more news about this when the company starts unveiling its new products this year.

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