LG reveals plans to launch new wave of OLED monitor panels

LG reveals plans to launch new wave of OLED monitors

LG reveals plans to launch new wave of OLED monitors

If you've been waiting on an OLED monitor because they haven't been available in your desired size yet, then you're in luck, because LG has announced that they are manufacturing new OLED monitor sizes.

The South Korean company currently only offers OLED monitors in 27-inch 16:9 and 45-inch 21:9 ultra wide sizes and ratios. But that's set to change now, with LG announcing that sizes of 32-inch, 34-inch and 39-inch are now in production.

The news was announced by LG Display's managing director at a business conference in Seoul, according to Korean outlet The Elec.

LG is set to face stiff competition from Samsung's QD-OLED technology, which is now rolling out in other sizes. It's going to be an uphill battle for LG's WOLED technology at this point, with QD-OLED being able to get brighter and therefor richer in colour than LG's offering.

Also announced at the business forum were new transparent LG OLED display sizes aimed at commercial use and lifestyle customers.

"In the case of expanding OLED solutions, we've been thinking mainly about TVs in the past, but now we're thinking about medium and transparent OLEDs in line with lifestyle changes," the company's managing director said.

It seems that QD-OLED is forcing LG to rethink its strategy quicker than anticipated.

We don't know a concrete release date for these new OLED monitors yet, but no doubt we'll hear more by CES.

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