LG OLED monitor warranties will now protect against burn in

LG OLED monitor warranties will now protect against burn in

LG OLED monitor warranties will now protect against burn in

The two-year warranty included with LG OLED monitors has now been altered to protect users against the dreaded arch-enemy of the panel tech: burn-in.

Previously, LG OLED monitors didn’t cover the dreaded burn-in issue under its warranty. Before now, the company did not see the issue as a normal use issue, even for users on Windows PCs with static elements.

Via The Verge, the United States side of LG will now finally cover the horrid burn-in issue for users under warranty. While burn-in is no longer a widespread issue with modern OLED panels, it can still happen with heavy use.

“As long as you use the monitor as intended (personal PC monitor) in a residential setting (does not support commercial usage like retail signage display) burn-in is covered,” said LG Electronics product marketing director David Park.

“Normal use means the product is used for what it was created to do. In this case that is gaming (professional and casual) as well as desktop computing such as Windows, etc.”

OLED burn-in happens when static elements are kept on screen at high brightness for too long. Screens that constantly watch content such as football matches, news broadcasts or video games with static user interface elements will sometimes have those elements permanently visible on the screen.

However, burn-in is typically no longer that much of an issue anymore with modern panels. While it was a huge issue for early examples of the tech, modern panels do have numerous methods of avoiding the issue altogether.

LG OLED monitors may have some burn-in protection, the company is only protecting users for two years. With modern panels, burn-in can still happen after a longer period of time, but users will not be protected for that.

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