Lewd job ad lists daily masturbation breaks in w**k pods as a bonus

Workplace bonuses are often an incentive to pick one company over another. Some companies offer dental, an on-location spa or, for most journalists, nothing at all! One company, Stripchat, is offering interested employees another option.

Reported by Ladbible, the adult social media platform is giving employees the chance to let off some steam during work hours. Known for lewd livestreams that are certainly not safe for (most) work, the company is giving employees what we will refer to as a nut break.

A lewd break for a lewd job

According to reports, the lewd job advert promises employees masturbation breaks every day during work hours. However, it doesn't say if you can take the daily nut break time to do anything that's not choking the chicken. It appears to be nut up or shut up.

The daily monkey-spanking isn't encouraged to be done in public spaces, like at the desk or in a communal bathroom. Instead, employees are being given a dedicated jerking area to do their business without disturbing others.

Inside Stripchat’s Cyprus office, four high-tech “w**k pods” will be installed to make the act of splooging more viable in the workplace. Each pod will be equipped with both a VR Oculus Quest headset and a 4K screen for viewing explicit materials. Additionally, lotion, lube and tissues will be provided.

The company claims that the jerk booths are a way to incentivise old and new employees to enjoy office life. Additionally, the system will “provide current and attract new employees with a safe, comfortable space to rub one out.”

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A new trend

Stripchat’s lewd job advert isn't the first time a company has offered worktime nut breaks for workers. In fact, last year, Erika Lust Films boss Erika Lust introduced the explicit activity to her employees after noticing the pandemic’s negative effects on mood.

“Knowing that there's only one thing that will make everyone feel good, I've set up a private masturbation station for them to enjoy,” Lust said. "I value my employees and I know that when they feel good, we do good work.”

Stripchat is hoping that these breaks will become more commonplace in other workplaces. The company's “w**k pods” will not only be made for their employees, but also for others. For $50,000, the company will lease a pod out to a company for 6 months.

It does seem farfetched to think that this will become commonplace everywhere. When some companies even refuse to offer bathroom breaks still, they likely won't introduce optional nut breaks. However, for employees that are constantly surrounded by explicit content every day, it's a decision that does make sense. It's still weird though.

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