Let’s Play channel Achievement Hunter retires after 15 years

The achievement hunter group standing together on a background of their logo

The achievement hunter group standing together on a background of their logo

Rooster Teeth’s iconic Let’s Play group Achievement Hunter has been retired after 15 years of entertaining fans. Replaced by a new Let’s Play group DogBark, the Achievement Hunter brand is no more.

Revealed as part of a mass rebranding at Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter has officially disbanded. The group’s remaining members, Michael Jones, Alfredo Diaz, Trevor Collins and Joe Lee will form the foundation of DogBark.

The group’s replacement DogBark will not just be a Let’s Play video game channel. Instead, it will focus on a “unique blend of improv, sketch, gaming, and live-action videos we ask “What If…”, ‘Can I…’, and ‘What Happens When…’, …and then actually do it.”

Founded in 2008 by Geoff Ramsey and Jack Patillo, the Achievement Hunter brand started as a community site to help gamers discover how to unlock Xbox achievements in their favourite games. Over time, it evolved into a massive video game Let’s Play and video production group garnering millions of views across YouTube and the Rooster Teeth website.

In a statement on the F**kFace Break Show livestream, Achievement Hunter founder Geoff Ramsey explained that it was time for the brand to be retired.

“The Achievement Hunter brand is coming to a close. We have decided to sunset it and to end it,” Ramsey said. “[It’s] for a very good reason. I’ve known about it for about six months now. This isn’t a decision that was made lightly, but I think it’s the right decision.”

Ramsey explains that Achievement Hunter was born out of his desire to work on something other than Rooster Teeth’s once-flagship series Red vs Blue, a brand that is also ending after 20 years. However, with Ramsey distancing himself from Achievement Hunter to focus on Rooster Teeth’s award-nominated podcast F**kFace, alongside the departure of multiple members, it was time for something new.

“15 years ago, I went to Burnie [Burns], Matt [Hullum] and Gus [Sarola] and I said, ‘Hey, I’m losing my mind making Red vs Blue… season six or seven’. I was just so creatively brained… and I would be some kind of f**king hypocrite if I didn’t provide the same level of support and genuine enthusiasm to [DogBark] as they went on the same journey I went on 15 years ago.”

Ramsey told fans that he hopes the new DogBark team is given the same level of enthusiasm that he has received over the years, not only for Achievement Hunter, but also the popular comedy podcast F**kFace.

“Everything comes to an end,” Ramsey told fans. “It’s okay for things to end. I know it’s scary and it’s sad, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and it doesn’t mean it’s going away. We have 15 years of Achievement Hunter content online that you can still watch and enjoy. Hundreds of thousands of hours of content, hundreds upon hundreds of episodes of Minecraft and GTA.”

The end of Achievement Hunter isn’t the end of Let’s Play gameplay on Rooster Teeth. Across the expansive Texas-based content network, a number of popular Let’s Play channels are still supported, including Funhaus, Kinda Funny and more.

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