Lenovo Legion Phone 2 looks like a mini hardcore Wii Fit board

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Images of the next Lenovo gaming phone have leaked online. Supposedly the Lenovo Legion Phone 2 Pro, the upcoming smartphone looks as gamer as they come.

With the Lenovo Legion PC brand bringing peak gamer aesthetics to keyboard and mouse, the brand is continuing the trend on mobile. If you ever wanted to buy a smartphone that looked like a mini Wii Fit board designed for gamers, this is it.

Lenovo Legion Phone 2 leaked images

Leaked on Chinese social media website Weibo, multiple images of Lenovo's new smartphone have been released. Split into two halves – like a Wii Fit board – the new phone fills the middle with what appears to be a gamer block.

The middle block holds two camera sensors, a flash, a large cooling fan and the Legion logo. A camera sensor in the middle makes sense, as does the placement of the cooling fan. While gaming on mobile, players' fingers will be on either side of the device which should now be kept cool. On top of the phone, there also looks to be an air vent.

Lenovo Legion Phone 2 Pro
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PSX Lenovo Legion Phone 2 Pro
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Lenovo Legion Phone 2 Pro
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The Future of Gaming Phones

Android gaming has become a massive focus in recent years. With mobile eSports titles and huge releases like Genshin Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, the boom of gaming focused smartphones is only getting bigger.

On top of the upcoming Lenovo Legion Phone 2 Pro, other brands have been releasing their alternatives. ASUS has already released their new ROG Phone 5 devices and Xiaomi has released their powerful Black Shark 4. With other high-end Android devices focusing on real-time rendering, Android gaming is more popular than ever.

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