Lenovo Legion Go leak shows an ugly Steam Deck with Switch joy-cons

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Lenovo Legion Go leak shows an ugly Steam Deck with Nintendo Switch joy-con
Credit: Original image via Windows Report

New images have leaked of the Lenovo Legion Go, a new handheld PC designed to compete with Valve’s Steam Deck. Unlike other competitors, Lenovo’s new PC gaming handheld is taking a number of cues from the massively popular Nintendo Switch.

First reported last month, the Lenovo Legion Go has been alleged as an 8-inch handheld PC to rival the Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally, AYANEO and more. Another entry in a quickly crowded market, Lenovo’s offering does at least attempt something different.

In leaked images acquired by Windows Report, the first look at the new handheld PC shows a device that certainly is now a looker. Almost brutalist in its design, the chunky Legion Go is a large slab with rhombus-shaped controllers that don’t look all too comfortable.

However, while it does look like a device that crawled out of the 80s, the Lenovo Legion Go’s awkward controllers are heavily inspired by the Nintendo Switch. In images provided by Windows Report, the two side controllers detach, just like the Nintendo Switch’s joy-con controllers.

Similarly to the Switch, the back of the Lenovo Legion Go spouts a nifty kickstand, allowing the device to rest on a table. This means that you can run full-fledged PC games on the chunky tablet-esque screen while playing comfortably in bed. If you just can’t wait for the Nintendo Switch 2, this is for you.

Lenovo’s controllers also appear to have numerous aspects inspired by the Steam Deck controllers. The right side has a single trackpad for mouse-based movement, and the controllers also appear to have rear buttons as well. Weirdly, the right joy-con style controller also appears to have a little wheel on the side as well.

An image of the Lenovo Legion Go with detachable Nintendo Switch style controllers
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Credit: Windows Report
Those controllers are real ugly.

In the report, other key features are also confirmed. Two USB-C ports are available, as well as a headphone jack. Thankfully, the console also has a MicroSD slot for adding additional storage.

The Lenovo Legion Go has yet to be officially revealed, and no price has been leaked at the time of writing.

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