Leatherface ripped from Dead by Daylight over Texas Chain Saw Massacre game

leatherface leaving dead by daylight texas chain saw massacre game
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

leatherface leaving dead by daylight texas chain saw massacre game
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

It looks like Dead by Daylight is going to lose yet another horror icon as Leatherface gets ripped from the multiplayer horror game. A fan-favourite DBD staple, the Ed Gein-inspired horror character can no longer star due to a new Texas Chain Saw Massacre game that’s in development.

This isn’t the first time a horror license has been ripped from the multiplayer game. Licensing is notoriously tricky in the realm of gaming, as numerous titles have been delisted over the years due to contracts expiring. Considering the number of horror icons in Dead by Daylight, there’s a chance that the game could lose more content in the future.

Hopefully, publisher Behaviour Interactive has secured long contracts for most of their licensed DLC since fans do enjoy using these characters. Either way, it looks like any players of the game that haven’t purchased the Leatherface DLC will soon need to do so soon.

On Twitter, reliable insider DBD Leaks confirmed that Leatherface would be leaving Dead by Daylight soon. Beyond the source, other insiders like GOREJIRA were also able to confirm the news, which is pretty disappointing for all involved.

As of this writing, Behaviour Interactive has yet to make an announcement about losing the Texas Chain Saw Massacre icon. However, the company did make a statement when they lost the rights to the Stranger Things DLC, so expect something similar soon.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game will be using a similar concept to Dead by Daylight, using the asymmetrical horror genre to reel in players. Since the game is expected to play similarly to DBD, it makes sense as to why the DLC was pulled. It’s why Jason Vorhees has yet to appear in the game, as he starred in a similar Friday the 13th title.

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Dead by Daylight is available now on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It’s not yet known when Leatherface will be removed but it shouldn’t be long, should the news be true.

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