Leaker Reveals You May Need to Wait Longer for the Nvidia RTX 5090

Nvidia 4080 in place of a 5080 inside a black and green press image
Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia 4080 in place of a 5080 inside a black and green press image
Credit: Nvidia


  • Following a recent report, a well-known leaker has suggested that you the RTX 5080 will release before the 5090
  • Concrete details and specs on the new 50-Series GPUs are sparse right now, but Nvidia likely announce the cards later this year
  • Hopefully, the design will alleviate any concerns with power cables melting after the 40-Series had plenty of design issues

We're slowly entering the era of the next-generation of graphics cards, and the anticipated release of the 50-Series GPUs from Nvidia is next on everyone's radar. But, if you were waiting for the most powerful upcoming card, you may need to wait a little bit longer.

It's about time that the best graphics card list got some new entries, even if the Nvidia 40-Series Super cards only just released earlier this year, around the time of CES 2024. Considering the 4090 is easily the most powerful card on the market right now, the 5090 has a lot to prove. Even if the price will be way too high.

However, you'll have plenty of time to save up and potentially, even buy one of the best gaming monitors while you wait. That's because, while a recent TechPowerup suggests that the 5090 will release later this year, with the rest of the line up coming in 2025, a well-known leaker has heard a different rumor.

Kopite7kimi replied to the TechPowerup report on Twitter, suggesting that the report is not true, and that the "RTX 5080 should be released first", according to the tweet. Interestingly, the use of "should be" implies that, it's not concrete according to Kopite, so plans could change. That's no surprise, as Nvidia's rollout of the new GPUs is likely being planned right now for later this year.

Reports suggest that the new 50-Series of graphics cards will feature the 'Blackwell' architecture, but concrete details on the specs of each GPU aren't available right now. Nvidia will likely release details on the prices and the internals of the new GPUs later this year. But, let's be honest, the 5080 and the 5090 won't be in the budget options.

We're excited to see what Nvidia has been cooking up with the upcoming launch of the 50-Series. Hopefully, the design will solve any problems concerning the 40-Series power connectors melting, considering the fact that the 40-Series Super cards have had similar issues.

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