Lance Reddick fully voiced Hellboy for Web of the Wyrd before his death

lance reddick voiced hellboy web of wyrd

lance reddick voiced hellboy web of wyrd

The late, great Lance Reddick will posthumously portray Hellboy in the upcoming Hellboy Web of Wyrd video game. A beloved actor across films, shows and video games, Reddick’s upcoming role as Hellboy will sadly be one of his last.

While paying tribute to the late actor, revealed that Reddick would be voicing the iconic title character. As he won’t be recast, Reddick must have finished his work on the game some time ago.

“Our hearts are with Lance's family, friends, colleagues, and fans,” the account said. “Lance was a brilliant performer, generous with his time and attention — he had talent beyond compare, and we remain honored to have him as our Hellboy.”

Naturally, there’s a mixture of excitement and sadness surrounding Lance Reddick lending his voice for Hellboy Web of Wyrd. Reddick will undoubtedly do a great job as the Dark Horse icon, but it’s a shame that he won’t be back for more games. Even with all of that, fans are excited to hear more of the actor once the game is released.

Lance Reddick career in games isn’t just a job, the late actor was also a huge fan of video games. In fact, fans have discovered that the beloved actor was still playing Destiny 2 the night before his death.

Hellboy Web of Wyrd was announced during last year’s edition of The Game Awards, looking more promising than previous games in the franchise. Visually, it looks just like Mike Mignola’s acclaimed comic books with fun gameplay to boot. With the character’s past history of mediocre to terrible game adaptations, we’re hoping that this title will be good.

It seems that Hellboy’s status as a classic comic book character will never change, no matter how many bad adaptations he’s in. Despite having two excellent Guillermo Del Toro movies, the character has suffered a bit with numerous bad video games and a reboot film that didn’t do well. We’re actually getting another Hellboy movie reboot, that’s how bad it did.

A release date for Hellboy Web of Wyrd hasn’t been announced, though it will be coming out on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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