Kylo Ren's shocking reaction to Vader relation detailed in new book

Star Wars' sequel trilogy introduced one of the series' most interesting characters with Kylo Ren. A devout believer in the actions of Darth Vader, Ren was seemingly unaware of his relationship to the Sith warrior.

In Skywalker: A Family at War, it's revealed how Kylo Ren knew of his connection to Darth Vader. While not detailed in the films, this important fact helps to shape the Kylo we see in the sequel trilogy and explains how distrust of his family.

Did Kylo Ren know Darth Vader was his grandad?

Kylo Ren discovered that he was related to Darth Vader before his turn to the Dark Side. During Leia's rise politics, political opponents used the Skywalkers' history to drive the public away. Ren, then Ben Solo, overheard the information on a public broadcast. Upon discovering that Leia, Han and Luke didn't trust Ben with the information, he felt lied to.

“The revelation felt like a betrayal,” reads the book. “Ben, who took after Anakin Skywalker in his powerful Force abilities and hot-headed nature, was crushed by the realization that his parents and his uncle had known the truth for decades yet had not seen fit to share it with him. He was incredulous that he had been left to discover the damning fact along with what felt like everyone else in the known galaxy. And the fact that his family had kept such a dramatic piece of information hidden seemed to justify every dark impulse and feeling of paranoia he’d entertained in his young life.”
Skywalker: A Family at War

While Solo was aware that Vader was his grandfather, it's not known if he knew about Vader's return to the light. Throughout the movies, Kylo Ren admires Vader's loyalty to The Empire, but the audience knows that his faith faltered. Especially in Rise of Skywalker, Ren joining Emperor Palpatine wouldn't fit with someone who knew Vader's full story.

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What's next for Ben Solo?

Rumours are circulating that future Star Wars projects will feature the offspring of Ben Solo and Rey Skywalker. Despite Solo's passing in Rise of Skywalker, rumours state that Rey and Ben's son will be born of The Force. Yep, just like Anakin Skywalker.

Rise of Skywalker's events do mean that Ben Solo is part of Rey. If the child is born of Rey's force powers instead of “The Will of The Force" then, by a technicality, this would also be Ben's child. However, explaining the child's existence could be more complicated than many would care for or believe.

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