An official Yu-Gi-Oh! VR game is real, but you might never play it

Yu-gi-oh VR gameplay on Meta Quest 3 showing Dark Magician Girl in first person

Yu-gi-oh VR gameplay on Meta Quest 3 showing Dark Magician Girl in first person

It’s time to duel in virtual reality… officially. An official Yu-Gi-Oh VR game has been revealed to multiple content creators, but the full title may never actually release.

Konami’s popular trading card game has become massively successful in video game form. Over the years, multiple fan-made VR versions of the game have released, but many have hoped for an official version on PC and Meta Quest headsets.

Multiple content creators who were invited to Konami's 25th anniversary celebration of the franchise revealed that they were able to play an early version of the upcoming VR game. Playable with a Meta Quest 3 headset, the new VR game has been instantly praised by fans.

YouTuber SeeReax told fans on Twitter: “They made Yu-Gi-Oh! VR and it was genuinely the best VR experience I’ve ever had. The monsters looked amazing, the environment, and the immersion was fire.”

A screenshot of the Yu-gi-oh duel links VR game on Meta Quest 3 showing a Dark Magician girl card
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Players could summom cards such as Dark Magician Girl in virtual reality. What could be cooler?

Unfortunately, it seems that Konami has no plans to release the game as a proper VR title. Via Japanese outlet Famitsu, the virtual reality showcase was a tech demo dubbed “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Presents SOLID VISION EXPERIMENT.”

Set in the Kaiba Corporation, this VR showcase was a playable version of the Duel Links game with full 3D models of characters like the Blue Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician Girl.

Duel Links VR producer Akitsu Terajima told Famitsu that the future development of this VR title has not been decided at Konami. However, the game could come to more platforms if the demand is there.

The Blue Eyes White Dragon in yu-gi-oh VR
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Is this not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in your life?

“First of all, it was prepared for this event, so the future development is undecided at the moment,” Terajima told the outlet. “But as far as I can see from the reaction of everyone who experienced it, it seems that it was very enjoyable and popular. I think there were a lot of people with ecstatic expressions by the time they came out of the booth.”

While multiple VR Yu-Gi-Oh VR demos exist, Konami’s official demo looks absolutely sublime. If this demo gets turned into a huge VR experience, I will be forever happy.

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