Konami celebrates 35 years of the Konami Code

Arguably one of the most recognised cheat codes in history, Konami celebrated its 35th birthday this week by releasing a special lofi hip hop playlist. 

Initially found in 1986’s Gradius, the Konami code required players press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B and A. In Gradius the code granted players access to all the power-ups in the game. 

The code has also appeared in numerous other games, including numerous Metal Gear Solid games, Dance Dance Revolution games and Castlevania titles. 

It has even broken popular culture, appearing outside of video games frequently. Konami’s famous code has been referenced in the likes of Wreck It Ralph, Family Guy and even by Kawaii metal group Baby Metal.

A pre-school Fisher-Price toy contained one of the most unique appearances of the code. The pretend game controller played a unique sequence of sounds and lights when users entered the Konami Code.


Lofi Hiphop

Originally reported by 4gamer, Konami marked the occasion by releasing a lofi hip hop collection of songs alongside a cute animation of a woman playing games related to the songs

Clocking in at 33 minutes, the mixtape features remixes of songs from Gradius, Ganbare Goemon and Kung-Fu.

Lofi hip hop mixtapes have risen to prominence in recent years. Often used by students and those working, the mixes provide perfect background listening. Lofi mixtapes typically feature video game, TV or film music with remixes from fans.


Konami has also released a collection of merchandise to coincide with the 35th birthday of the Konami Code. 

Fans can purchase all of the songs within the mixtape. There are also a collection of Gradius shirts and a limited edition Vic Viper ver. Gradius IV. Konami restocked the popular collectors ship in line with the 35th anniversary celebrations. 

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