Kill Google AI with This Internet-Saving Chrome Extension

Google Logo getting shot by a disembodied hand holding a gat
Credit: Image of soldier from Platoon (1986) via MGM/Amazon

Google Logo getting shot by a disembodied hand holding a gat
Credit: Image of soldier from Platoon (1986) via MGM/Amazon


  • You can now remove all Google AI from Search
  • Using Bye Bye, Google AI, you’ll no longer see any useless AI
  • This extension makes your web surfing a much cleaner experience

Has the introduction of inaccurate Google AI answers at the top of Search made your internet experience a grueling trudge through digital hell? Well, you can now take Google AI out back with this amazing Chrome extension.

Google AI can now take up the top of search results on the Google Search Engine. Instead of providing a web source that answers a query, this AI will now attempt to answer your question, usually with wrong answers.

When Google AI isn’t answering questions, the search engine now scrapes information from websites it’s actively suppressing and answers the question. This results in missed page views for websites.

In response to the annoying presence of Google AI, a new Chrome Extension has been created to remove the feature from search. Dubbed “Bye Bye, Google AI”, this tool can be installed on all Chrome browsers to kill all instances of the AI in your search experience.

“Don't like the new Google AI overviews appearing in your search results?” the description reads. “Perhaps you don't like the discussions section or the shopping blocks or even the sponsored links? This extension lets you hide them. It simply uses CSS to set those areas of the page to be hidden.”

Alongside the removal of Google AI, the Chrome add-on also lets you hide a number of other Google additions. Videos, Discussion Blocks, Shopping Blocks, "Readers Also Ask" Blocks and Sponsored Blocks can all be removed to make the search experience purer.

While Google is aiming to recapture its 2005 magic with the arrival of pure web search options, the current version of the search engine is bloated with addons and features that aren’t needed. After all, the reason Google was successful in the first place is that it allowed you to search the vastness of the internet, and every new feature added has taken away from that.

Bye Bye, Google AI offers users a more classic Google experience, one that’s desperately needed in the search engine’s current form. Unfortunately, the addon is only available for Google Chrome, but hopefully it makes its way to Firefox, Opera, Edge, and more in the future.

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