Hideki Kamiya would be happy to make new Okami and Viewtiful Joe

Kamiya would be happy to make new Okami - watercolor painting of a wolf howling at the sun

Hideki Kamiya would be quite happy to work on both a new Okami and Viewtiful Joe. That is, if Capcom would be kind enough to call him back and if they decide to actually continue these franchises. Yes, that's a lot of ifs, but that's what Kamiya himself said responding to a series of users' questions on YouTube.

Kamiya said he would naturally "really like to continue working on those two series". In fact, he continues mentioning he already has a complete story ready to go for a possible third chapter in the Viewtiful Joe series. "I wonder if Capcom will ever call me to make it".

As for Okami, Kamiya says he feels like there's something missing, that the series is not yet complete. "I feel I left that unfinished, so if Capcom would like to make another title, it would make me really happy". We are pretty sure it would make many fans of the series happy as well.

The Okami series has sold over 4 million copies worldwide, with an original PlayStation 2 title which has been re-released several times on several consoles, including the Switch. Of course there's also Okamiden, a Nintendo DS exclusive which did not see a direct involvement from Kamiya, but still used his original idea for the sequel (or, well, prequel).

Viewtiful Joe, meanwhile, has seen several titles. The first two original games have never been re-released on any other consoles beyond the original Gamecube and PlayStation 2 releases. These are considered to be the main series, even though there are other titles for Nintendo DS and PSP.

In that same series of videos responding to questions, the Japanese designer also revealed that Bayonetta will continue without him as well. While we wait for Kamiya to answer some more questions, let's hope that Capcom is listening. It is time already that the Japanese publisher stops only focusing on Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter and also starts giving other series some well-deserved love.

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