Justin Roiland is High on Life after dismissed lawsuit

justin roiland dismissed lawsuit high on life gameplay orange gun and party

justin roiland dismissed lawsuit high on life gameplay orange gun and party

Justin Roiland, prominent comedian and creator of Rick and Morty and High on Life, was not long ago charged with domestic assault in relation to a former partner. But it's not been announced that the man responsible for the burping grandfather has had his case dismissed by a court.

"I have always known these claims were false," Roiland says, taking to Twitter. "I'm still deeply shaken by the horrible lies that were reported about me during this process."

Roiland goes on to say that he is disappointed that so many people were quick to judge his character based on the stories of what he calls an "embittered ex" who tried to bypass the legal system and, essentially, ruin his career.

This is a fog that has lingered over Roiland for some time now, and he's eager to just move on and get back to the creative process again. However, when these charges were levelled against him, he decided to sever ties with Squanch Games - the video game studio he set up to develop hits like High On Life.

We're still unsure whether Roiland will return to video game creation with Squanch Games, whether he will set up a new studio that hasn't been marred by the controversy, or whether he'll focus on other creative projects, like animation.

Regardless, we're sure Roiland is High On Life right now... We'll show ourselves out.

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